5 thoughts on “Dwarf Maiden

  1. jefmurray Post author

    I attribute to Peter Jackson our largely dismissive and boorish attitude toward Dwarves, and toward Dwarf women in particular.

    But, I admit to having pretty strong opinions about Dwarvish women. For Tolkien, the Dwarrow folk were of great dignity and antiquity, and jokes about Dwarvish women (e.g. about how long their beards would have been) would likely have resulted in the taking of great insult. At the very least, those who made such jokes would have been considered uncouth and unchivalric in the extreme, as the demeaning of _any_ woman, of _any_ race, could only be understood as the act of a knave and a lout.

    There, I’ve said it. And, I’ll stand by that!

      1. The Dwarrow Scholar

        A fair maiden it is… though I do miss a hint of beard on the lass, a beauty she remains. Aye, the lad that insults the dwarrows and their women folk insults all joy in the world… a poor lad indeed.

  2. Merrydew

    Thank you Jef for standing up for all women and in particular the Darven ladies.

    I will stand with you.

    ~Lady Eija During, Thane Regent of the Frosthammers~


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