7 thoughts on “Elf Child

    1. Manwe

      That’s what I was going to say! :)

      I wish they would show Elf children in the new Hobbit films, but given the timeline the Hobbit takes place in, I know there is essentially no chance of it. Who knows, maybe when they make The Silmarillion 😉

  1. jefmurray Post author

    I know that elf children were few and far between….Tolkien says that because elves for all practical purposes never left Middle-earth, too many children would likely have meant disaster, so my suspicion is that Elves had a very low fertility rate. But, my best guess is that they would have been stunningly beautiful children.

  2. lcapplewood

    Hey, that’s a good idea (about the elf children singing in the Hobbit) … someone should call Peter!

    I love how her eyes seem to have an agelessness about them. Beautiful. Does she have a name?


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