May 12

The Bridge Over Narog

The Bridge Over Narog”
Oil on canvas, 16″x10″ wide.

Artist Commentary: The river Narog rose from the Pools of Ivrin in the Ered Wethrin. Into its western bank was built the city of Nargothrond, stronghold of Finrod Felagund. Túrin Turambar persuaded the elves of Nargothrond to build a bridge over the river, and this led to its being vulnerable to the attack of Glaurung, who destroyed the city. This image was originally published as the cover ofAmon Hen number 193 in May of 2005.

16″x10″ original oil painting – SOLD!

16″x10″ wide signed and numbered prints – AVAILABLE

To purchase a print of this item, please click here.

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