May 12

Amon Hen

“Amon Hen”
Oil on canvas, 14″x11″ wide.

Artist Commentary: The hill (which means “Hill of the Eye” in Sindarin) is located at the western banks of the river Anduin, above the Falls of Rauros. Here it was that Frodo looked abroad while wearing the One Ring and saw all of Middle-earth preparing for war. This painting was used as the cover image of Amon Hen No. 200 in July, 2006. It was also used as the cover image for Silver Leaves‘ inaugural issue in September, 2007. Silver Leaves is the journal of the The White Tree Fund.

14″x11″ original oil painting – AVAILABLE

14″x11″ wide signed and numbered prints – AVAILABLE

To purchase this original painting, please contact Jef by clicking here.

To purchase a print of this item, please click here.

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