Jun 25

The Labyrinth

“The Labyrinth”
Oil on canvas, 8″x10″ wide.

Artist Commentary: In Greek mythology, the minotaur lived deep within a labyrinth that was devised by Daedalus. The maze was so clever that none who entered it (including the minotaur) could ever discover the way back out again. Here I’m asking about other labyrinths…those of our own devising. For these may prevent us from seeing a deeper reality all around us; one that can help us to realize the depths of the gifts and freedom that have been given us.

8″x10″ original oil painting – AVAILABLE

8″x10″ wide signed and numbered prints – AVAILABLE

To purchase this original painting, please contact Jef by clicking here.

To purchase a print of this item, please click here.



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