Sep 27

Cair Paravel

“Cair Paravel”
Oil on canvas, 13″x21″ wide.

Artist Commentary: I spent Saturday at the mouth of the Great River, gazing northward toward the castle on the sea. With autumn’s calm, the skies blushed roseate; turquoise waves wandered and evening mists melted the rocky shoreline. Flags fluttered atop the white towers of the keep as emerald waters lapped at my easel. A single gull flew past, and I raced to trace the fleet golden glimmer of the fair castle walls while sun set beyond the Western Wilds.

13″x21″ wide signed and numbered prints – AVAILABLE! Please click here.

13″x21″ original oil painting – $1400.00 US plus shipping.

To purchase this original painting, please click here.



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