Jun 19

The 2014 JM / AL3P Middle-earth Calendar Now On Sale!


The 2014 Jef Murray / AL3P Middle-earth Calendar ON SALE!
Signed copies of this brand new 2014 calendar are now available worldwide, shipped directly from the illustrator, and half of all proceeds go to support A Long Expected Party 3 in Kentucky! The calendar is loaded with Middle-earth inspired painting images from Jef’s galleries. It also includes lunar phases, international holidays, and dozens of visual “Easter Egg” cues for dates of significance from the Third Age of Middle-earth! You can purchase your own copy by clicking¬†here.


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  1. Donna Maloner

    Can’t wait to see what I am sure will be a wonderful calendar! Donna Maloney

  2. rick

    do you combine shipping for 2 calendars ?….I would like to buy 2013 & 2014 but i cant add 2014 to cart…….can only do transactions 1 at a time

    1. admin

      Because these calendars are shipped with separate mailers as
      a part of them, and because the mailers themselves include imagery
      associated with the calendars, I usually cannot offer a discount
      for purchasing multiples…unless you’re willing to forego one of the
      mailers. If you do so, I can probably save you about $2.50 off of
      the shipping costs.

  3. LeiLani Hinds


    I will be at ALEP 2014 and hope you will bring copies of Glorfindel and a Canticle for Elessar as I would like to purchase them. I could
    n’t fill in the online order form, so I hope you will get this.

    LeiLani Hinds

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