Aug 25

The City of Kings


The City of Kings”

Oil on canvas, 13″x21″ wide.

Artist Commentary: Before dawn on Saturday I rode the Pelennor Fields and arrived at the Great Gate guarding the Tower of the Setting Sun. There I passed through the Othram and entered the lowest level of this once great city. Forlorn, she seemed now, and desolate; her people, still proud, were nonetheless few, and they were wary of ill news and of strangers.

I led Brego to the southeastern gate and to the city’s second level. Here the golden light of dawn began to break over the distant peaks of the Ephel Dúath, and as we made our way toward the third level gate, I paused, gave Brego some hay, and set up my easel. The halls and columns of the city bloomed roseate in the new morning light, and they soared above us to impossible heights. The cobbled streets were wet with the morning dew, and glinted in mist-laden air. Despite the evil of these times, I thought, one can still find hope and faith in such beauty.

While I plied my paints, I perceived the sound of hooves upon the cobbles, and soon a great silver stallion appeared. He bore upon his bare back a grey-cloaked figure, who clutched before him what I took to be a curly-headed child. The stallion galloped past us like the wind, and Brego whinnied a greeting. But even as he did so, the horse and riders were gone, flying toward the northeastern gate. I knew not what omen might be borne by these travellers on their mighty steed, but in these days, I feared theirs could not be glad tidings for the brave souls in this City of Kings.

13″x21″ wide signed and numbered prints – AVAILABLE! Please click here.

13″x21″ original oil painting – $1600.00 US plus shipping.

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