Oct 29

Into the Wardrobe


Into the Wardrobe”

Oil on canvas, 13″x21″ wide.

Artist Commentary: I spent Saturday hiking the Western Woods, following the Great River toward its source. It is winter yet in Narnia — always winter, and never Christmas — and I traveled warily, listening at all times for the sound of sleigh bells.

I turned aside from the stream just above the Beaver’s dam, hoping to find, in this frosty wood,the fabled lamp post that is ever aglow. And as the light failed, I soon espied a golden glimmer winking and blinking between the trunks of snow-laden trees.

It took me some time to reach the light through the deep drifts, and by then full nightfall was upon me. But, I was rewarded; whilst I gazed upon the surpassingly strange sight of a lighted gaslight in a frozen forest, I saw a movement out of the corner of my eye. I hid behind a hoary oak tree, and soon a young faun and a younger little girl entered the clearing, walking hand-in-hand.

The merry companions passed within a stone’s throw of my hiding place, and then they vanished; they melted away into a cobalt blue snowscape that stretched, seemingly without end, beyond the reach of the lantern’s golden glow.

13″x21″ wide signed and numbered prints – AVAILABLE! Please click here.

13″x21″ original oil painting – $1400.00 US plus shipping.

To purchase this original painting, please click here.


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