Dec 29

The Pilgrim


“The Pilgrim

Oil on canvas, 13″x21″ wide.

Artist Commentary: I awoke Saturday on a strange shore: wild and green, filled with wild goats and swine, but with rocky crags leading up to a central mountain peak. I spent the morning exploring and climbing the peak and found that I was on an island of no great size. But, from the mountain flanks, I descried a ship at anchor near the western shore.

I hiked down toward the ship, and as the sun was setting, I came upon two strange creatures conversing on a rocky ledge. The first was a mouse of unusual size, plumed, with a buckler and heavy boots on his hind legs: he seemed to be doing all of the talking. But his companion was an enormous dragon, and I was astonished that such a creature threatened neither the mouse nor myself as I approached. But then I noticed great tears spilling from the eyes of the worm, and I wondered what tale it might tell, were it able to give voice to its woe-filled thoughts.

13″x21″ wide signed and numbered prints – AVAILABLE! Please click here.

13″x21″ original oil painting – $1400.00 US plus shipping.

To purchase this original painting, please click here.

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