Jun 04

The Wanderer




“The Wanderer

Oil on canvas, 13″x21″ wide.

Artist Commentary: The years weighed heavy on the old man as he moved through the dunes. The sun was setting at last in these extreme northern climes, and now the day’s heat would begin to dwindle. Both first and second moons were visible just above the distant horizon, partially obscured by dust devils that heralded the coming of a storm. They, too, would set soon, although their light would be blotted out by the storm long before then. The robed figure hoped to have reached the safety of the rocks before the storm overtook him, but in the meantime, he would light his path by the glow of the crystal atop his staff.

13″x21″ wide signed and numbered prints – AVAILABLE! Please click here.

13″x21″ original oil painting – $1400.00 US plus shipping.

To purchase this original painting, please click here.

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