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Nov 29

Fireside Journeys



“Fireside Journeys”
Oil on canvas, 21″x13″ wide.

Artist Commentary: I spent Saturday in the Shire, visiting with old friends and meeting new ones. As evening approached, I went up the Hill and knocked at the familiar round door. It opened, and I was ushered in to share in a good supper, laughter, and cheer. We did not tarry late at table, for the day had been wearying for us all, so off we trundled to soft bolsters on four-poster beds; in my own case, a trifle snug, but ample enough and comfortable enough for one who is not among the largest of the Big Folk.

But in the night, I awoke. I was disoriented for a time, and I could hear no noise; the fire had died back in my room. But I soon saw the flicker of flame in the hallway, and heard the clock in the distant parlour strike three. So I arose to see who could be up so late. I peeked down the hall and saw that the light came from the young halfling’s library. I crept to the doorway and glanced  inside; there he sat, the new Lord of these halls, in his most  comfortable chair. The library itself was piled to the ceiling with books, folios, maps, and trinkets. A few candles were lit and a fire burned merrily in the grate beside him.

In his lap lay a book, bound in green with gilt lettering, that he must have been reading; but now it simply rested upon his knee, unheeded. Where his thoughts had strayed, I could not tell, but he was staring into space. Perhaps he was reflecting upon some future adventure, I supposed, or trying out, in his head, lines of some poem that had come to him, unbidden, riding on the wild currents of eventide. But I did not disturb him; rather, I left him to his dreams and fireside journeys, and returned to my bed to seek my own.

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