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Apr 25

The End of All Things




The End of All Things”

Oil on canvas, 13″x21″ wide.

Artist Commentary: Tidings fell befell me Saturday. Hearkening in the heaths, I sensed some wickedness wending through the woods. Dark seemed the dreams of the all the quick and the dead, as if some devilish doom bore down upon us all.

I packed easel and palette, and Brego and I passed lightly over the empty downs and onward to the Lantern Waste. There we paused, and Brego sniffed the spring air and shivered. But where we had halted, a flower-strewn glen glimmered in golden light, and I strove to cheer my spirits by sketching the sylvan scene.

Yet, I could not dislodge my disquiet, and ere long two figures appeared on the edges of the glade: a kingly knight and a white unicorn, who passed silently beneath the dappled boughs. Such a sight should have salved the saddest soul, but it was not to be. The twain appeared aggrieved and sickened in spirit, and I knew, as they passed us by, that they trod a fearsome and lonely path: toward what fate, I knew not.

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13″x21″ original oil painting – $1800.00 US plus shipping.

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