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Sep 06

The New 2014 Chronicles Calendar!


Artist Commentary: This is my first-ever calendar designed for all lovers of childhood tales. Open its pages to enter enchanted lands, encounter talking trees and animals, and embark on noble quests. Within the calendar, you will discover full colour painting and sketch images (fauns, lions, badgers, unicorns, centaurs, valiant mice) from my original Narnia-inspired galleries.

This calendar marks moon phases, solstices and equinoxes, and international holidays. It also includes a 17 inch tall centerfold print of After the Storm.

All calendars are signed by the artist. Tog purchase yours, click here.


* The images in this calendar are entirely the property of Jef Murray, and this calendar is not approved, authorized, or licensed by the C.S. Lewis estate, or any other rights holders to copyrighted works.