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Nov 02

Many Meetings


Many Meetings”
Oil on canvas, 21″x13″ wide.

Artist Commentary: I spent Saturday above the gorge of Bruinen, along the western slopes of Karningul. The purple peaks of the Misty Mountains loomed in the late morning, and the soft light of autumn filtered crystalline through turquoise skies. I set up my easel on the curved path, beside ivy-strewn balusters, and sought to capture the rich cadmium golds and reds of the trees below.

While I worked, two halflings approached from the Last Homely House: one young, cloaked, and raven-haired, and the other older, sporting a red velvet coat and steadying himself with his ebony cane. They barely noticed me as they passed by, so deep were they in conversation about their home in the far flung lands westward.

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21″x13″ original oil painting – $1200.00 US plus shipping.

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